Joining our server

After being accepted from the waitlist you will automatically be added to our Discord server providing you either signed into Whop via Discord or have previously connected your Discord account to your Whop account.

You will recieve an email regardless, alerting you that you have been accepted but again, you will not be added to the server automatically unless you have connected your Discord account. If you need to join manually after being accepted please follow the simple guide below!

Firstly, head to the Whop Hub (Linked below for your convenience), ensure that you are logged into the correct account (We suggest using an incognito/private browsing tab just in case) and locate your Peachy Pings subscription.

Whop Hub


Once done, simply click "Join Discord Server".


This will then display another pop-up box asking you to add your Discord account, proceed to add your account and then click "Claim all roles" - Once done, you will be automatically added to our server!