Let's jump ship! 🚢

O Captain! My Captain!

You've landed up on this page as you're clearly unhappy with your current group and you're interested in jumping ship to a competitor. You might be comfortable where you are but being comfortable does not mean you're happy, valued or respected!

Let's change that!

You can join Peachy Pings®, completely free of charge on an unrestricted 7 day trial and if you like what you see we will give you a FREE month after you've paid for your first month with us - All you have to do is follow the simple steps below;

✍️ • Sign up to your free trial period via the button below.
👪 • Fall in love with our services and community.
👋 • Cancel your current groups subscription and let us know via a support ticket (With evidence).
😎 • We'll then give you a free month added to your subscription after your first payment has been made!

"What happens if for some bizarre reason I don't enjoy my 7 day trial?" - Absolutely nothing! You're free to leave, no questions asked, providing you've cancelled your subscription prior to your renewal date!

Claim your free trial!

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